Marwan Abado – oud, vocals
Miki Liebermann – guitar
Joanna Lewis – violin
Georg Graf – winds
Peter Rosmanith - percussion

“Nard” – dice as a symbol of destiny, of the apparently incontrovertible, the ineluctable “thrownness” of human existence. When he was a boy, Marwan Abado often sat by the side of the sea and sought the vastness of the limitless blue to escape the constriction of everyday life, which in Lebanon meant war in those days. Thirty years later, he lives in Vienna, looks back, and sings. With a voice directly aimed at the heart. About loss, leave-taking, the namelessness of pain, but also about moments of happiness. Both his music and his texts are essentially visual: there’s the homecomer whose heart is full of joy; the wine drinker fighting against his memory; the musician in the street who – unnoticed by the passersby – beats his drum and follows his own rhythm with increasing indefatigability or even serenity. In this song, Marwan Abado sounds elated, in high spirits nearly, falling into tongue-clicking, scat-rapping vocalises never heard from him to date. Destiny, so he seems to say, is something that also happens in the concerned person’s head – and thus is not always incontrovertible, ineluctable. Marwan Abado’s music is known as gloomy, melancholy. “Nard” also sounds a note of hope.

(Andreas Felber, July 2009)

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